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"Where there's tea, there's hope". ~Arthur Wing Pinero

Katie's first experience with tea comes in the memory of drinking Irish Breakfast with her grandmother out of delicate teacups.  Today, she carries the same reverence and passion for the art of tea into her day to day life. Katie founded The Monarch Tea Co. in late 2013 with the vision of bringing together the traditional eloquence of tea time with a modern twist. Today she is a certified TAC Tea Sommelier through the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.


The Monarch Tea Co. Specializes in:


  • Home tea workshops

  • Interactive tea blending stations for weddings & corporate events                              

  • Chocolate, cocktails or cheese & tea pairing workshops

  • Wedding, birthday and bridal favours

  • Custom blends

  • Tea consulting for cafes & restuarants

  • Speaking engagements


Katie's  passions involve reading, cooking and spending time outdoors. Her favourite tea is Cream Earl Grey.

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